What Are The Medical Uses Of Antibiotics, And Their Precautions?


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Medical uses of antibiotics:

Antibiotics (Gk. Anti-against, Bios-life) are the medicines that kill the bacteria that cause infections e.g., Amino glycosides, Cephalosporins, Erythromycins, Penicillins, Sulfonamides, Tetracyclines etc. Antibiotics are thus chemotherapeutic chemical substances, which are used in treatment of infectious diseases.

Antibiotics are synthesized and secreted by certain bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi. Today, some antibiotics are synthesized in the laboratory. However, their origins are living cells. To determine drug of choice, one must known its mode of action, possible adverse side effects in the human beings.

Antibiotics act on organisms by inhibiting cell wall synthesis and activating enzymes that destroy the cell wall, increasing cell membrane permeability, interfering with protein synthesis, and interfering with nucleic acid metabolism.

Antibiotics are low molecular weight substance that interferes with specific activities in certain types of organisms. These effects could be killing or static (inhibitory). If an antibiotic has a wide spread on Gram + ve and Gram - ve bacteria, it is called broad-spectrum antibiotic

Use antibiotics as prescribed by the physician.Take dose at regular, intervals and complete the treatment time as advised by the doctor.
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Antibiotics can be used to either kill off bad bacteria or prevent it from multiplying while leaving your white blood cells to fight off the bacteria. A precaution is to continue taking the antibiotic for the prescribed time, otherwise the few resistant bacteria left shall multiply, and therefore be harder to kill. This has lead to things such as MRSA.
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The source of the medicines
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Antibiotics should not be taken empty stomach. Complete dose should be taken for recommended duration to avoid resistance to drug. Use during pregnancy and lactation should be discussed with doctor. If birth control pills are also being used then non hormonal contraceptive methods should be used.

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