What Are The Uses Of Antibiotics And Misuse Of Antibiotics?


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Antibiotics are divided into natural products and synthetic products, the former produced by micro-organisms, which is the structural transformation of natural antibiotics was part of the synthetic products.
In 1981 China's Fourth National Conference of antibiotics that in recent years in the role of antibiotics in the object, in addition to anti-bacterial and, in the anti-tumor, anti-virus, antigen worms, parasites and insects, there are areas of rapid development. Some antibiotics can inhibit the function of some specific enzymes, while others have other antibiotics were the biological activity or physical activity role. In view of "antibiotics," has long been beyond the scope of the antibiotic to continue to use antibiotics in this term can not meet the further development of the professional does not conform to the actual situation of the. Therefore, the meeting decided to formally changed its name to antibiotics antibiotics.
Where overtime, excess, not symptomatic use or strictly regulate the use of antibiotics, all belong to the abuse of antibiotics.
When people are treating disease, the application of antibiotics, but also exercise capacity of bacterial resistance. The re-transmission of bacteria and micro-organisms to other patients, on the original application of a certain antibiotic resistance, and so forth communication, the ultimate At some point, he finally is no longer sensitive to this antibiotic. In other words, it is excessive abuse of antibiotics will eventually lead to people who will be resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms when the helpless. When will be the human tragedy. While it is newly discovered species of antibiotics is also gradually increasing, but there is always the pace of discovery abuse can not keep up when --- when the bacteria and microorganisms of antibiotics by humans exercise the body of King Kong is not bad, people also used what?
Misuse of antibiotics can lead to flora. Normal human's body, often contain a certain amount of normal flora, they are people's normal life activities, beneficial bacteria, such as: In people's mouth, intestine, skin ... ., contain a certain amount of the body's normal flora beneficial life activities, their participation in the human body's normal metabolism. Meanwhile, in the human body, as long as the presence of these beneficial bacteria and other bacteria harmful to human beings is not easy to in these areas to survive. To make an inappropriate analogy, which, as some land has already been a number of "human" other "human" is very difficult to survive on this. While at the same time that people in the abuse of antibiotics , antibiotics can not identify the beneficial or harmful to human bacteria, they are as in removal of local "bandits" at the same time, together with the common people are also killed along with the case, the result is a normal human body flora has also been killed. In this way, other harmful bacteria will be a place to breed, thus forming a "secondary infection", which often apply to other antibiotics ineffective to lead to a high mortality rate.
Intolerable is that the current number of pharmaceutical advertising, medical care tend to mislead people who do not know how to use antibiotics indiscriminately. For example: We often see the ads - "Yan Di treatment of common cold," This is a misleading ad. Yan Di also known as roxithromycin, belongs to macrolides. Is sheer antibiotics, he did not treat the early symptoms of colds caused. The main cause of cold is a virus. Caused by bacteria only a tiny minority. At present, protection against viruses, humans can accurately say no to any drugs were effective in killing the virus, influenza should ultimately rely on the body's own immune system, only the cold complicated with bacterial infection, and it can be applied to antibiotics. This case, the child is the antibiotic Abuse also have social causes.
Antibiotics as a double-edged sword, with the scientific and rational, for the benefit of mankind, inappropriate and will have to endanger human health. Every day we live in an environment of human abuse of antibiotics, even in recent years we eat a lot of meat products and aquatic products, allegedly often applied antibiotics, which is how horrible 呀. For example: I know there are a lot of chicken specialized households everywhere to use illegal channels from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies expect the acquisition had destroyed a large number of antibiotics and hormone drugs every day, apart from time to time to pour in a basin where the chicken coop where tossed to the crowds, the result can be picking up some fresh Jichu several pieces. A lot of antibiotics and hormone drugs, making chicken in a short short period of 34 days on the slaughter of people on the table, so since I know that has never been afraid to eat the market no longer sell Baitiao Ji, because I think that meat contains a lot of penicillin and dexamethasone in taste, so that people do throw up.

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