How Much Does My Gallbladder Weigh? (Estimate) I Am Female, 5'6", 130 Lbs. I Am Having It Removed Next Week Because It Is FULL Of Gallstones" How Much Does The Average Gallstone Weigh?


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Sorry to hear that -- well, glad you're getting treatment, but sorry to hear you need it.

The main lifestyle risk factor for gall bladder stones is being obese -- which you clearly aren't - -so probably you've just been very unlucky. Oral contraceptives are also a risk factor, something to maybe discuss with a doctor.

The gall bladder is oblate shaped, and in adults only about 12 cm long (less than 5 inches). You'll have to ask to see the stones afterwards; they may weigh as much as the gall bladder left behind.

Treating it as a sack of water, a 5 inch diameter gall bladder wouldn't weigh more than about 14 fluid ounces (400g). Ask your surgeon, but I imagine 320-400 grams is about right.
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I am 5 feet tall and weight 133 lbs, how much does my gallbladder weight as it is full of gallstones??
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I am female, 5'4", 170 lbs.  I had it removed because it was full of "sludge."  how much did my gallbladder weigh?

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