Can You Have Baby Teeth With Braces?


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Yes, you can still have baby teeth with braces. Some Orthodontists will put bands around the 1st molars and brackets on the 4 front teeth in order to get the process started. In many cases, the braces will be removed, and the child will be given a clear, plastic retainer. As more baby teeth fall out, holes are cut in the retainer to allow for the permanent teeth to erupt. Once all permanent teeth are in, the second stage of treatment will begin. I have seen this process with many children; however, it is not the same for all. I would recommend a consult with an Orthodontist.
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Well, in my case I only have one baby tooth on my bottom row of teeth. I went for the consultation with my orthodontist today and he said that they will put the top braces on. So I'm getting the top ones in two days. You can get full braces with a bunch of baby teeth, but you will have to get a new set of braces when the teeth fall out and it would be super expensive. So I'd advise you not to.
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Yes you can. I had braces and had 3 baby teeth and although it was rare, my orthodontist didnt do anything special to it. He just treated them like normal adult teeth, and put the brackets on it. In my case, when I lost my tooth, the tooth had to remain in my mouth until I went to the orthodontist, for it was still attached to the wire. It was pretty cool! & gross at the same time... Ahahaha! My orthodontist said he had never seen anything like it before! I thought that it was really exciting.. Lol.

Some orthodontists will put a spring err something like that on it so that when you loose the tooth, it wont stay in your moth like me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it all depends on who and where you go to. Some orthodontists don't view it as a very big problem at all. But others view it as a big no no, and will make you wait. If you arnt currently going to an orthodontist, but are going to a dentist, I suggest you ask one of them. In my case they reccommended me to a place that would help me. I started going to an orthodontist as early as kindergarden! (my teeth were pretty bad..)

now my teeth are perfect and I love them! I first had spacers, then a pallet expander, then a retainer, then more spacers, then braces, and now a retainer! Ahahha but anyways, I hoped this helped, and don't be affraid to ask your dentist/orthodontist any questions! (take it from someone who has been through it all!) yayayya(: Ahahah good luck!
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Of course you can..I'm getting braces in August and need to lose 12 still! I started losing teeth at 8...I was very late.. :)         

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