Can You Whiten Dentures Like You Can With Regular Teeth?


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The simple answer is yes.

Obviously, dentures can be stained by every day things such as nicotine, alcohol, food and drink just like real teeth. But it is far easier to eradicate these stubborn stains than you would think!

Remove your dentures and brush them with toothpaste- just as you would with regular teeth. Immerse the dentures in hot water mixed with 3 tablespoons of household bleach. Leave the to soak for ten minutes and then run them under warm water whilst scrubbing them with a toothbrush again. Rinse the dentures under warm water very thoroughly to wash away all of the bleach. Brush the dentures for a third (and last!) time with toothpaste for minty freshness. This can be repeated every 4 weeks!

Another home remedy for the whitening of dentures is to soak them in distilled white vinegar. This acts as a sanitizer, helping to destroy germs and bad odours. Again, it helps if you brush the dentures with a toothbrush to remove plaque. Dentures can also be deodurized using baking soda on a toothbrush.

However, if you want to skip the purse-friendly home-made remedies and don't mind splashing your cash, a wise investment would be Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser available online or in any supermarket. The tablets odour-causing bacteria, reduces plaque and dissolve stains.

A word of warning- never use regular tooth whitening products on your dentures. This may damage them and you will probably have to cough up for a new pair!
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When I got my dentures 6 years ago, the dentist told me not to try whitening them with anything, as they're made of plastic.  He told me that people try soaking them in bleach water sometimes and it literally eats through the plastic.  He said that if you want the teeth in a denture a lighter color, it's necessary to have another denture made, using different colors for the teeth in them.  I've tried:   a light paste of baking soda and water; regular toothpaste; and denture soaks, but none of them ever lightened the teeth part of the denture.  I was told when they make your dentures, they try to copy the same color as your natural teeth were.  (and had I known that, I would have asked to have them a much whiter shade!)
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I cant get a new set for another 5 years!! And thats only if I still have the same insurance that i have now. What about those crestwhite strips?? Would those work??
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I really don't know if the whitening strips could work on plastic the same way they work on teeth enamel. I think if I was definitely going to consider doing that, I'd call 2 or 3 dental offices and see what the general opinion/advice would be -- Who knows, it just might work!
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Try To Put Them In A Glass Of Vinegar And Then Put a Teaspoon Of Baking Soda In There "Watch Out As It May Run Over With Fizz " But Let Them Soak A Bit Them Take A Tooth Brush Wet And Dip It Into The Soda And Scrub Em They Will Come Back To Pearly White!! Good Luck And Smile Darn It!!
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When I got my dentures many years ago, I asked the dentist what is the one thing I shouldn't use to clean them and he said: "Bleach" I would keep that bleach as far away from your dentures as possible.
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My dad has dentures, and he soaks his in bleach every night just to keep them clean. If they are yellowing from age, then you might need new ones. If they are yellowing from gunk, then they might need cleaned. If they are the same color as when you got them, then ask your dentist for a whiter set next time. They do this on purpose, because most people that need dentures have bad teeth, so then the dentures look yellow, and then the customer has to buy another set... But more on crooks elsewhere.
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I agree with you --- not only has the dental profession gone about nowhere in the last 50 years, but their charges and fees are outrageous. Are your dad's dentures made of plastic? Maybe the dr that told me about the bleach was wrong,
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Use a denture tooth paste and brush 2-3 min to loosen food etc. Now if they need more cleaning
turn on the hot water, place dentures in a bowl and cover them with the hot water add 4 tablespoons of chlorine bleach let them soak for 5 min. And re brush with denture paste to remove the chlorine.
Always use denture tooth paste and a denture brush. Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes are to
harsh and might dull the surface of dentures.
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You have a few options in terms of electronic cleaners, such as ones that use UV light, your usual chemical cleaners that you can purchase (such as you have used) or getting your dentist to clean them professionally.

A product such as Polident overnight says it can remove stains.

As I said, you can take them into your dentist who can professionally clean them and then you can keep them white with a product that you can use daily at home.

I found this page here which has a list of potential products.
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You can use an over the counter solution, or you can soak them in pure distilled white vinegar over night. You can also brush them with baking.

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I, like my mother for years before me, use a glass of half bleach and half warm water to soak in for ten to twenty minutes. Then brush and rinse. Always sparkly clean and never any problem from using bleach. I would never do it any other way. No you cannot whiten them beyond their original shade.

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