My Dad Has Brown Eyes And My Mom Has Green Eyes... How Did I Get Blue Eyes?


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The old view of eye genetics was that blue was a recessive trait. In your case, dad has brown eyes because he has a dominant brown gene and a recessive blue gene. Similarly, mom has a dominant green gene and a recessive blue gene. You got the blue copy from each parent, hence blue eyes.

We now know eye color is determined by multiple genes and almost any parent/child color combination can occur. No need to check the mail man!
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Your mom and dad both have a recessive blue gene on their side of the family. Brown is the dominat gene and blue is recessive, as is green. My parents both have brown eyes. My mom's grandpa had blue eyes and my dad's dad had blue eyes. Because of these two genes, they can quite possibly carry over, leaving me with blue eyes. Same with you.
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Did you check the mail mans eye color
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Milk man
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Other people in your family that might have blue
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Brown eyes is the dominant color gene and green and blue are recessive genes. So if your mom has green eyes and you dad has anyone in his family with blue or green eyes, blue eyes arent out of the question and quite possible.
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I went to the eye doctor recently for a checkup. Was he stupid, he said "have your eyes ever been checked?"  I said of course not, they've always been blue. What a jerk.
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The mixture of the two colors green and brown made the color blue for you your lucky I wish I had blue eyes
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Well, because Brown and Green make a mixture of blue, I guess...or maybe someone from your family had blue eyes, so you inherited the blue eyes genes from them.
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Well, according to eye colors... Brown eyes and green eyes are actually equal to blue eyes!
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You inherited blue eyes because both your mom and dad are carriers for the blue alleles. In other words neither your mom or dad are pure breeding for their dominant eye colours. 
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Hmmmm. I'm not sure. Both of my parents have blue-grey, or navy blue eyes. And I have neon Blue eyes. My brother has neon blue eyes like me. :)
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Ok, lisen to me!!!!! You get a gean from each parent,
[a gean is DNA that cares a look from a family member, mosty parents]
for example,you might have your dads nose or smile,
or  you can have your moms personality, or face,
HOWEVER you get your own gean, and your own
gean is blue eyes!!!! (;

                                                                              ps. Blue eyes are amason!!!!
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You got blue eyes the same way that your Dad got brown eyes and your Mom got green eyes. When you were an embryo,  they grew  naturally out of your head.   Seesee

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