What Color Eyes Will My Child Have If The Mother Has Blue Eyes And The Father Has Green Eyes?


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There is either a 50% chance of blue eyes or there  is NO chance of blue.

As Green is dominant over blue.   One has blue/blue and will only give one blue to the child.  The other is either Green/Green or Green/blue  if Green/Green then child will be Green/blue=Green if Gb  then child could be Green/blue= Green or blue/blue=blue
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There are too many variables unfortunately to say for sure, and it also depends on the ancestry of the mom and dad. Some facts for you: Brown eyes- the most re-occurring eye colour, green eyes are the least occurring colour, brown eye colour is dominant (includes hazel, and shades of brown), blue eye colour is recessive (includes grey, blue and green), blue eyes are the absence of pigment in the iris, green eyes have slight yellow pigment over blue, hazel eyes are a combination of green and brown eyes, grey eyes are the lightest eye colour, scientists used to believe eye colour was from one gene now they believe it is from two or more (more complicated then just mom or dad's eye colours), there are many different colours for eyes including: Grey, blue, green, hazel, brown, and violet- with varying shades for each colour!

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