Can Food Or Diet Change A Child's Growth Pattern For Height?


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According to science, one's height can increase naturally till the age of 21, after which, the increment of the height stops. Before the age of 21 you can increase your height by exercising, by having a good balanced diet, etc.

After the age of 21, the height may increase naturally but it may be considered as exception. If you are thin and short, the best thing you can do is eat healthy food, do exercise regularly; you can also go for stretching exercise. If you are on a healthy diet you will appear healthy and you won't look short. Artificial height increasing supplements will only lead to side effects if you stop it. You can surgically increase your height as well.

Do not worry about your height, whatever you have is gifted by God. Do not crib or feel bad about it, accept whatever you have been given by God. Take it in a positive manner, if the height is a drawback for you, then there will be some other feature in you which no one else will have.
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There are two important growth phases in a child's life. Between 0-5 and again during puberty. He should be more focused on balancing his vitamins and minerals as those will balance his hormones. He will need enough calories and protein. If the caloric intake isn't enough during the growth phases than the body will break down the protein for energy instead of using it for the growth. Protein and calcium have both been found to have a direct effect on height. All that being said, those things will only help ensure that you reach YOUR maximum height. It won't make you grow any taller than your genetics have already predetermined. His 2 1/2 year old height would be a good indicator of how tall he should expect to finish out at. Also, if he's looking for more calcium it's easier on his system for him to get it from green veggies than from milk. The protein in milk is very complex and actually uses a lot of the calcium to break down thereby robbing your body of it.
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Well I'm not sure if it can change the way they grow, but certain veggies can help with their development, if they don't like to eat veggies, try V8 splash; it has fruit in it so it tastes sweeter.
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The growth of the child is generally dependent on hormones and it might effect differently in different individuals. Genes also play a very vital role in the growth of the children.
However diet has effect to an extent, a good diet rich in calcium and other minerals can cause good growth of the bones and nails etc.

But some times the case is different as the children have growth and height genes that mark dwarfness and they wont let the height to increase from an upper limit however good and whatever nutrition you might provide the child.Or some times the reverse of it happens; however poor the nutrition is the child gets a very tall height lean statures some time even.

In other cases instead of having good height some times the children start putting up weight that looks too odd. If there is marked dwarfness this might be treated by taking synthetic hormones in the form of tablets that might make the malfunctioning thyroid gland to function properly. So the nutrition and a healthy diet does effect markedly in some cases but it is not always true.

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