What Are Drugs And What Is Its Effect On Nervous System?


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We often hear on radio, TV and read in news papers about peoples on drugs. What these drugs do to individual's life? Many of these substances are given by physicians to prevent or cure pain and diseases. These are drugs of medicinal value and this is proper use of a drug. Morphine, aspirin, sleeping pills and alcohol are used in medicine to help people in getting control over pain or to feel relaxed. Other drugs are given by the physicians to get rid of mental depressions. However, when many of these same drugs are used by persons for pleasure, this becomes misuse of drugs. Scientific research shows that many of these drugs affect the functions of our nerve cells in the brain.

For example, cocaine stimulates those brain centers which control over pleasure sensations. When cocaine is taken, the neurons become more active than normal. So a person who becomes used to this drug gets an increased feeling of pleasure. Similar effects on nerve cells occur if morphine and heroine are taken. The person takes these drugs again and again to experience greater pleasure. He becomes dependent on the drug. With time he gets so used to it that the same amount of drug stops giving him enough pleasure. He now needs a larger dose of the drug to get the same degree of pleasure which he had from a smaller dose. In short he is ruins with the passage of time and results in death.

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