How Drugs Effect Families?


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There are various ways by which drug effect families and the most fatal one among them is the financial one. A drug addict is unable to do any productive work neither for himself nor for his family and as drugs are very costly substance, he needs the financial backing constantly. So it's a two way attack; the conduit for release is getting bigger and bigger and the incoming substance is getting shorter each passing day.

The other most disturbing effect is the mental retardation. The person is consistently in effect of drug and he cannot think any thing about what he is doing. So in that way also he is harming himself, his family and the society as a whole.

So it is advisable for everybody to never indulge in the addiction of drug as it will kill you.
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Drugs effect families in a big way specially for the ones who don't take them.They have the pressure of wondering is the person going to be ok or will they steal off you or others. I have been there not taking drugs but being with some one who was and its an experiance I hope no one has to go through.You are on the edge all the time not knowing which way to turn, you get so low its unbelieavble. What ever you do is wrong, in away you have to be cruel to be kind.
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It affects everyone. Financially, health wise and emotionally. The toll it takes on the user can be deadly, and the loved ones have to sit by and watch the user self destruct. If you love you family stay away for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, all that deadly stuff. Gambling too
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Well my brothers both did drugs, as in the well known ones... My family has spilt because all the yelling and argueing that accord during my childhood. It destory families

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