How Long Do Blood Clots (DVT) Last? I Have Had Them For 3 Weeks And Want To Get Over It!


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The time taken to recover from blood clots or DVT can range depending on the severity of the symptoms. They can last anywhere from a couple days to several weeks. You should therefore consult your doctor and seek medical attention if you suspect you have a blood clot or DVT.

DVT is the abbreviation of the medical term 'deep vein thrombosis'. Symptoms of DVT include pain, swelling and redness of the affected leg, as well as dilation of the surface veins. In up to 25% of all patients who are admitted to hospital, there may be some type of DVT, which often remains clinically unapparent.

When flying it is highly recommended to exercise and maintain movement of the legs, especially for the elderly, as the blood tends to be thinner in the bloodstream at altitude; so the risk of developing DVT is much greater.

There are all sorts of tips, exercises and routines to follow in order to make sure you do not suffer from deep vein thrombosis. Make sure you stretch your legs every couple of hours in order to maintain the circulation in your body. It is vital whatever the situation may be that the chance of pulmonary embolism be included in any medical history, as this may require further investigation.
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I agree, even when the DVT resolves, the risk is great to get more and the routing form of treatment is coumadin or lovenox
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I've had mine for about 7-8 months and its still kickin my ass... Just make sure you stay on track with the treatment
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I have a girlfriend , who is in the health profession by the way, who has had a blood clot in her leg for 6 months now . Sh must take coumidin (a blood thinning medicine)every day maybe for the rest of her life.
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How can she stand the pain? My husband has a very high threshold for pain and it is really getting to him.
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They have her on a patch which slowly releases opiates into her system throughout the day and she has morphine pills
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I had clots in my lungs and in the icu for 7 days ,they they are gone ,but I'm not sure

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