is there any treatment of vitiligo?


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I read that there is no sure cure for vitiligo, however there are many ways of dealing with it. For instance, in light-skinned patients, the condition is more evident when the unaffected skin is suntanned. Hence, avoiding exposure to the sun can make the condition less noticeable. With darker-skinned people, special cosmetics can help disguise the contrasts in skin color. Some patients have responded well to a process known as repigmentation. This treatment involves many months of medication and the use of special ultraviolet equipment. In some cases this treatment has caused normal color to return to parts of the afflicted skin. Other patients choose depigmentation. The goal of this treatment is to even out the skin tone by destroying the remaining pigment-producing cells with the use of medication.

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I have heard it said that if it occurs

while your in bed, if you can put one

foot on the floor, it will stop.

I would like to have it just once to see,

what its like.

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I think you are thinking about vertigo!
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Vertiligo---is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches.

Perhaps you could provide an exact treatment protocol for placing one's foot on the floor properly to provide the desired effect.

At least this answer is as useful and insightful as your other answers on here.

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