What Does A Deep Cleaning Treatment For Your Teeth Involve?


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Deep cleaning for teeth treatment is a kind of treatment that is used to treat gum disease that is also known as Periodontal Disease. This condition is a problem that causes an inflammation or infection in the bone, gums, and surrounding tissue. The basic treatment of this sort of gum disease involves a deep cleaning of the teeth; this involves using some sharp types of instruments to clean or scrape the tartar build up from the teeth. The diseased gum tissue is also removed as part of this treatment. Recent developments in technology have led to lasers being used to clean the tartar and cut out the affected tissue. Traditional forms of treatment also involved injecting a local anaesthetic to numb the area being worked upon; a laser treatment may not find this necessary.
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I have a blood disorder called thrombosis.  I went to my dentist 2 days ago for a deep cleaning procedure and I am still bleeding a lot . Should I be concerned ?  I forgot to mention it to my dentist that I have this blood disorder.

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