What Drug Is A Brown Powder In A Clear Capsule Form?


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It is almost impossible to identify a drug from the description you have given in the question, bro!

The clear capsule indicates that it is some sort of homemade concoction, and the brown powder makes me think that it is most probably a herbal substance.

This is as much as I can help you when it comes to identification though, as you would need a lab full of equipment to find out what the powder actually is!

Clear capsule with brown powder
  • One thing that I do know is that you should never try a home-made drug such as this one, as you have no idea what it may contain. For all you know there could be a large amount of heroin in the capsule.
  • The best thing you can do is to stick it in the garbage can. All legal, prescribed, and over-the-counter medications have markings on their tablets. As this is not marked, then throw it away or risk having serious health consequences.
Sorry I could not have been more help, but there are literally thousands of drugs out there and even more home-made mixtures!
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It could be several different drugs. A clear cap can suggest that it's home made. It could very well be MDMA (Ecstasy).

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