How Can I Tell My Mom Im Pregnant And My Cousin Is The Father?


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The only way to deliver such news that will be devastating to your Mom is to tell her you need to talk to her privately. Then simply say it. If you feel you made a mistake (I hope you do) then tell Mom you know you were wrong. Do not try to defend yourself or the cousin. Mom may cry or yell (or both) simply because she will be shocked and hurt that you have gotten yourself ( and her) into this life changing event. You should prepare yourself for that. Her dreams for you have will take a big hit when she hears this news. The cousin will, of course, not walk away free and clear. He, hopefully, will be man enough to want to help raise the child should you decide to keep it. That does not mean you must marry him (if he is a first cousin, I am not sure you can marry in some states) but it does mean that he will be connected to you and the child for many years to come both financially and emotionally. By law, he will be responsible for giving you child support monthly. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient $ for you to fully care for the child. Babies are expensive and only become more so as they grow older. Other monies will be needed beside child support. There is the option of adoption and you should definitely talk to your Mom about that. It would give the child a good home and still give you an opportunity to mature and grow and make something of your life. You still can, of course, but it will take help from your Mom so that someone can babysit while you finish school (she probably will have to help you financially, as well). You absolutely must finish school if you are to give your child and yourself a decent life. You do not want to become another poverty stricken, jobless teen age mother who eventually becomes a poverty stricken adult with the responsibility of supplying a child's needs & no way to do it. I hope you and your Mom have a good loving relationship. You will need her support emotionally as time goes on. You life as a care-free young lady is over. You will have to grow up fast so that you can make decisions that are based on what is best for your child, not what you want or need. That child must come first. You must begin now to be the adult in your child's life. And, that begins with facing the music with your Mom. As kids now days are fond of saying - JUST DO IT.
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There is not an easy way to tell your mother this.  I would discuss this with her one on one.  Be honest.  Your mother is going to be devastated, hurt, mad and have so many emotions going on at the same time.  After telling her, give her some time and then get back together to discuss the future plans.
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The very first thing I'd do ASAP is tell your doctor who the father his. He/she may want to run tests to make sure the baby is okay. Having intercourse with a relative can cause problems for the baby.
Also ask your doctor the same question you asked us and he/she may be able to give you more advise.
Don't expect your mother to be happy about it... I wouldn't be! And (as mentioned in another reply)... Considering adoption may be best for you and the baby. I was too young when I had my first baby and missed out on many things that my friends were able to do.
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You're pregnant! That's great! But it must be hard to tell your mom. Just tell her you've got some news. Ask to talk to her alone. Maybe you and your cousin could tell her together. That way you wouldn't be telling her alone.

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