How Do I Know If My Mom Is Pregnant?


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Amy Murphy answered
If she is eating lots of salty things ask her if she has something to tell you. Or when she is gone look around to see if there is any possible stuff that would give you a sign that tell if she was pregnant.
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Well most moms have mood swings in the first week so that is something to look for     I am wondering if my mom is pregant as well so in 2 or 3 monthes I will have to wait and find out    she cannot hide that she is pregnant    she has her periode     and mood swings      do you think she is pregnant
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Well There are signd to look for,, You should join and rate and ask we have fun here!!  
But anywho has she had her period?  Is she having sickness, You should just ask her, thats going to be the best and easiet way to find out!  Good luck

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