How Can We Take Good Care Of Our Digestive System?


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To take good care of our digestive system:-
1) we should not eat junk food,
2) should drink sufficient amount of water per day,
3) should take a balanced diet and
4) brush our teeth regularly as teeth play a very important role in our digestive system.
5) must not unnecessary medicines which disturbs the digesting cycle.
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1)eat slow, it is helpful for the digestion process.
2)very hot or cold food can slow down digestion.
3)after disposing of one meal,the digestive organs need rest. At least five or six hours should intervene between meals....
4) DON'T OVEREAT!: Exercise temperance and moderation even when eating healthful foods. Don't let you appetite guide you. Overloading the stomach disturbs its smooth function. Overeating can also cause you to gain weight. Remember: Eat to live, not live to eat.
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Eat healthy and don't smoke!

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