How to take good care of seniors?


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It takes patience and possibly a number of visits and chats to ascertain the full extent of the needs of an elderly person. Perhaps assistance is needed with shopping and cleaning,  transportation and a host of other things. Wherever possible, practical and reliable arrangements should be worked out and implemented.

However it may, therefore, take some tactful yet persistent inquiry on our part to determine just what we can do to help such persons. If we simply make a vague offer, such as: ‘If there’s anything you need, let me know,’ there may be a brisk response: ‘Thank you, but I don’t need anything.’ So be persistent. Find out the needs and likes of older ones before they must ask for help. Therefore, the key to taking care of seniors is time, patience, and love.

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If I were any more senior I'd be downright venerable. I appreciate being left to care for myself. Go read Tiger's answer again.

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Seniors need your utmost care obviously. They would be in their golden days, and might not cope with the atmosphere around that well which they did earlier. So I guess you should try your best to make sure they are happy always. Do things that make them feel comfortable and relaxed. :)

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Show them the same respect you show


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