Can Conditions Of Long-term Exposure To Mold Be Reversed?


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From what I have learned since 2004, it all depends on how long, and what level of mold /(toxic)exposure one is exposed to. Pregnant women, infants (children), already low immune system problems can determine if the "mold symptoms" become life long luggage in human health. My family of 5 were exposed to 3 toxic molds at very high level for about 2 years. Our luggage (health) has become worse to present. There has been a lot of mis-diagnosed situations that have made more symptoms than the illness it self. This is due to medications given for problems one does not really have.  (The cure is worse than the illness itself type thing).

We are toxic mold survivors of the storms of 2004 in Florida. Our demons were Charley, Ivan, and Jeanne.

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