Can I Be Sick All The Time Because Of Mold In Our Building?


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Yeah. Mold is everywhere, not just in coastal areas or rainy climates. I have lived in Montana all my life, and houses in towns that get a lot of snow, like Bozeman, tend to get ice dams on the roofs, which causes moisture to build up without ever really drying out. The last house I lived in had a terrible mold problem, which exacerbated my asthma terribly. Not only does mold make one more prone to allergy attacks, it will give healthy people allergies. I also worked at an historic inn that had an epic mold issue. The only thing that can help, other than moving, is visiting a Health Kinesiologist and learning the
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I lived in a house that come winter I`d get mould starting to grow on the walls,windows,etc,me and my family would came down with colds and the likes,and I`d get these really bad headaches.
I found out that the black mould is really poison if you get exposed to it for long periods of time,that it can actually make you really sick.
I ended up moving house and till this very day I or the kids haven`t been sick at all,and my headaches have gone as well.
Tell your boss about the black mould ,and how bad it can be for you and your workmates,he should do something about it
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All the symptoms which you are having are allergic reactions due to molds. The molds produce spores and these spores are present in air. They can develop in to the molds if find suitable environment. The best environment of molds to grow is the moisture. If your building has some leakage of water and there are no arrangements of ventilations, the molds will continue to grow causing health problems. To get ride of them repair the leakage of water and make proper arrangements of ventilation.

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