Can Drinking Alcohol Cause Bleeding In The Vaginal Area?


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In short, yes, vaginal bleeding can be indirectly influenced by alcohol consumption.

Alcohol has a funny way of affecting every part of our body, but I'd suggest that vaginal bleeding would only be triggered in the following circumstances:

Vaginal bleeding and alcohol
  • If the alcohol is affecting your hormone levels, it is possibly that early menstruation is being triggered
  • Heavy and regular alcohol drinking will weaken blood vessels and deprive your body of protein. This can cause bleeding in extreme circumstances.
  • Alcohol can damage your liver, and bleeding is a well-known symptom of liver failure.
What to do if your vagina is bleeding after drinking alcohol
In my opinion, you should certainly seek the attention of a medical healthcare professional.

Although there is nothing to suggest that your vaginal bleeding is the symptom of something as serious as liver failure, I would always recommend playing it safe and getting checked out.

I would also suggest you try cutting alcohol out of your diet and see whether that makes a difference in the future.

This may sound obvious, but if the bleeding continues - you will know to look for other causes.

You may also want to speak to a gynecologist about birth control pills.

The hormones in birth control medication can affect your menstruation, and can either regulate or throw your cycle into disarray.

A gynecologist will also be able to rule out the following possible causes of vaginal bleeding:

  • Sexually-transmitted infection
  • Pregnancy
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroid tumors

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