I Took A Body Detox And Now I Have This Rancid Smell Coming From My Vagina,along With Vaginal Leakage Sometimes With A Little Bit Of Blood.what Can I Do?


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With any medical concern such as this it is highly advised that you seek medical attention immediately. You are best booking an emergency appointment with your doctor if possible or if not then head to your local hospital.

Although you may feel slightly embarrassed to talk about it to your doctor and go through an examination it is certainly worth it. An early diagnosis can dramatically increased the chances of a full recovery. Therefore if you explain to the doctor that you recently underwent a body detox and describe the symptoms you've experienced since then. They will more than likely want to inspect the area you are having trouble with as this will help any diagnosis.

Although it may seem like a good idea to go online to try and diagnosis your symptoms and not trouble a doctor it can actually cause you a lot of undue stress. Medical experts such as doctors are obviously a lot more reliable in their opinion than websites which can only guess at the cause of something. Therefore you may end up believing you have something a lot more serious than it actually is. Or you could in fact believe it is nothing and so will not bother getting it checked over at a doctors and so if it turns out to be something very serious the lost time could be critical.

If you do not know where your doctors is located or what their contact number is then simply follow these steps:

· Head to google.com · Type in the name of your doctor's surgery and the town or city it's located in
· Head to the 'contact us' page or 'how to find us' page

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