What Can Cause Light Vaginal Bleeding Every Day For Months Non Stop And It Won't End?


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My friend has had her period since August of last year. Doctors are not sure what is going on. Can anybody help my friend? She is 38 years old.
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If doctors can't find the cause, we probably won't be able to find it either. So tell her to keep going to the doctor until they find out what's going on. Make sure she's honest about sexual activity, any medications she is taking, any other symptoms she is having, etc. Let her know that's it's ok to get a second opinion, or even third or fourth!
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It could be trauma (from sexual assault, being too dry, etc.), certain medications or birth control methods, pregnancy, menopause, or a wide variety of other things. You'll have to go to a doctor to find out what is causing it for you.
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Honey thats called a period

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