Can Cocaine Use Cause Vaginal Bleeding?


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I'm wondering that myself. I've been using cocaine for about 2 weeks, and ever since I started, I've been bleeding. I started my period 10 days early. And have been spotting for 12 days!! I just keep bleeding, it's like the last day of your period, where it's not really a lot, but you need to wear a light pad so it doesn't ruin your panties. And it STILL hasn't stopped. I haven't been snorting a LOT in particular. But it's just odd..I'm sure it has something to do with the Coke, I don't know what else it could be...anyone else ever have something like this happen?

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I believe this is related to the bloody mucus produced by snorting the drug. Your nasal passages bleed and you swallow the bloody mucus.

I have bloody snot in my stool after a good coke binge and if I have an extremely runny nose, occasionally, my vaginal secretions resemble snot.

How it gets there, I cannot say exactly. It is fairly common after a big binge.

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