Can Unborn Babies Injure Themselves In The Womb?


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Generally speaking, the womb is a very safe place for baby to live.

No matter how much kicking and flipping your baby does, it should be just fine!

Can babies injure themselves before they're born?
Whilst there are a few cases of babies scratching themselves during the latter stages of pregnancy, serious self-inflicted injury is almost unheard-of.

Although we tend to think of our tiny babies as being very fragile, they're actually a lot stronger than you might imagine.

Just take a second to think about the trauma that a baby's head endures during childbirth - that's surely far worse than any bumping and kicking it's doing inside your belly!

How can I tell if my baby is hurt inside the womb?
When I was pregnant with my little girl, I used to get worried every time I felt a jolt or an unusual movement. However, I soon realized that babies move around A LOT when they're in the womb, and they manage to do this without coming to any harm.

If you're worried about your baby, by all means go and see a doctor (when in doubt, play it safe) - but at the same time, rest assured that the womb environment is the safest place your baby could possible be - God created it this way.
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Scott Harle answered
Yes, babies can be injured in the womb. That is one of the most dangerous things for a child because you can't help it.

But that's what premature birth typically is, the body is attempting to save itself and the unborn child. Hope this isn't a concern for you at the moment.

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