How Would A Baby Look In The Womb?


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This depends on how far along in the pregnancy. Generally the first trimester (months 1-3) the baby (called an embryo now) grows from a grain of rice, looking not'so babyish with a larger head and tail to having arm/ leg buds, smaller head, at 1inch long (baby is considered fetus at 11 weeks), to the end of the third month where baby is fully formed and looks 'babyish' with most everything in place- even toenails, and finger about 3-4 inches long. The second trimester baby continues to lengthen and eyes move closer together, ears develop, about 6 inches long by 18 weeks (at around this time baby may be large enough for mother to feel baby move in womb), around 22 weeks about 3/4 of a pound and about 11 inches long, eyebrows and eyelids are developed, around 23 weeks they are proportioned like a newborn except not as fat and about 12 inches long, at the end of 3rd trimester about 1 1/2 pounds. Third trimester baby is gaining weight and continuing to lengthen, looking more like a newborn. Hope this helps :)

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