Can I Inject Oxycodone?


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If you have oxycodone with APAP (aka Tylenol/Acitamenaphin) Do not inject, APAP is very bad for you and even more toxic when injected.  I don't even know why we have tylenol on the markets, its really a toxic drug for being OTC.  Anywho, If you have say the small 5mg oxycodone with nothing else in them, what you do is crush the amt of pills you want, add a small pinch of citric acid (get at grocery store, "Fruit Fresh" brand which is light citric acid and absorbic acid (vitamin C))works well.  What the citric acid does is release the oxycodone from its binder, the binder makes the oxycodone either partially or fully water insoluable.  Put the mix of the 2 powders in a spoon, and add a small amount of water.  Gently heat the spoon with a lighter until you see the solution separate, solids should fall to the bottom, clear liquid stays on top.  Filter through a little cotton piece over the tip of the needle and viola.  Injectable Oxy.  I am not condoning the use of interveineous drugs, just supplying info on how to do it safer.  If you do not use the citric acid and the cotton filter, you run a high risk of injecting the insoluable binders and fillers from the pill into your veins, and can cause blood clots, if you miss the veins the solids and binders will cause abscesses (GROSS)  and if you inject them and they get to your brain, they can cause you to have a stroke.  I used to be like that and I am providing this info to you because I know what I would have done if I didnt find it, probably go out and keep looking, and find the wrong info somewhere else.  Be safe, do your research before you do any drug.  Do not do a drug knowing nothing about it. Trust me.
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I don't understand why you would want to? Its not going to get you any higher and I don't think you can cook it like heroin so I'd have to say no on principal

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