How Do You Shoot Up 30 Mg Percocet?


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It is very highly recommended that you do not inject Percocet directly into your bloodstream. This is because it contains Tylenol / Acetaminophen which can crystallize once it is inside your blood which can lead to blood clots in your brain, lungs and even your eyes. However, there are medications that do not contain Tylenol such as Diluadid, Morphine Sulphate and Oxycontin and these can be shot without serious problems. You should really check with a medical professional before you do though.

Percocet contains a combination of oxycodone and paracetamol to create a narcotic pain relief that is most commonly used to treat short term acute pain. It has been praised for being less addictive than morphine, however that does not mean that addiction is impossible so people should be careful when taking this drug.

Smaller doses of Percocet could be possible to inject without any damage being done, for more information do research or consult a doctor. If you find out it is safe to do so, you inject Percocet using the exact same method as any other pill. There is a method called cold fusion where you crush the pill into powder and boil it in a large spoon. Find yourself a small sized ice cube, but not so small that it would melt easily. Place it into the liquid for around ten seconds, no more, and then remove it. Take a cotton wool ball and rip it in half. Place the half onto the spoon and let it soak up all of the liquid. Then take a clean (must be new) needle and place it on the cotton wool ball and suck up the liquid. Once you have gathered it all, apply a blood pressure cuff to the top of your arm and tighten it until you find a vein and then inject it.

Remember, it is not recommended that you inject Percocet or any other drug that comes in pill formation.
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As long as it has no aceta whatever in you can roxis are best for this and should be the only thing you ever put in a spoon and shoot good luck but if I was you I would quit that cRAP quick leads to nothing but trouble. But if you must know one take your pill and place it in a Metal spoon, spoon should be bent as to avoid your precious mixture from spilling when you add the water. Two get a piece of cotton or piece of filter from a ciggerette three fill syringe to halfway for best results for every thirty mg of percocet you use. Three, pour water into spoon over the pill, then take a liter and melt the blue devil into a nice little demonic blue pool of water, it may be green if your using 15's. Now that you have done that take the plunger of your syringe and mix the little extra powder at the bottom. Now the fun part, take your LITTLE piece of cotton or filter and apply to the liquid. Then, take your syringe (should be new) and place the needle onto no into the cotton and suck up the liquid you may need to push the excess air out and repeat till its all in there. Now the painful part, take your dominant hand and tie off your upper arm or you can use a blood pressure cuff for best results wait till the large vein on the inside of your elbow pokes out if you still have one. Then, take your loaded syringe and insert the needle make sure all the air is out of needle first, you want pull back a little on the plunger and the syringe till you see blood shoot into the syringe (oh joy blood!) this is how you know your in the vein then press down on the plunger and wait for all the kitties to gently massage every part of your insides! Enjoy if you like being a souless zombie and having no life please do this
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You should not shoot Percocet. The Tylenol / Acetaminophen that it contains can crystallize in your blood stream, and cause clots in your eyes, lungs, and brain. Only tablets that do not contain Tylenol or Ibuprofen can be shot with any measure of safety. This includes OxyContin,  Diluadid, or Morphine Sulphate.
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Thats funny you said useless after I say I get more energy off of them but thats me
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You cant unless you want to get pulmonary problems. The Tylenol in them will stick to your lungs and if you do it enough itl kill you. Just chew a bunch or get some H bro.

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