I Am 26 Yrs Old My Height 5.7 In Height My Weight Is 84Kg I Am Doing Workouts For Past 9 To 10 Yrs , I Have Built Muscle , When I Check BMI It Shows Obese It This Right?


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Jordan Mark answered

Your weight is more than your height and age. Your ideal weight is 60 to 74 kg. I highly suggest you how to reduce obesity site through which you can get the most effective natural treatments to get rid of obesity.

Good luck!

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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Your weight can be normal if fat contents in your body are not more than 10% of total body wight. If you have 84 Kg body weight then your total fats in the body should not be more than 8.4 Kg. BMI will tell obese if your weight is higher at a specific height. At high BMI, heart has to work hard to pump blood throughout the body. That is why normal BMI is necessary.

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