Can You Give Sample Personal Training Services Contract For Fitness?


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When producing a contract for personal training services, it is important you tailor it to the individual services you offer. Ensure you take into account all possible eventualities of the fitness programmes you are likely to provide. Once you have completed your contract and feel you have all the relevant information included, it is a good idea to get an attorney look through all of your legal documents, as laws vary massively from state to state and it is essential that you are fully covered.

Here is a link to an example of a personal training contract (but don’t forget they need to be tailored to individual businesses):
In general, contracts should include at the very least the following information; Client Contact Details; client acknowledgement that personal training and exercise in general can be dangerous; client acknowledgement that they are voluntarily participating; release of liability for any injury or illness resulting from the training; client assumption of all risks pertaining to the training; client agreement to disclose all relevant information and finally, the client's Signature dated.

Ensuring that your contract is legitimate and includes all of the required information is most certainly one of (if not the) most important factors in starting a personal fitness business. If it was me personally, I would put money aside in the start up budget to enlist the help of a trained professional when developing a contract. At the very least, ensure it has been checked thoroughly.
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Online contract for keeping fitness goals etc.  Free to use as pretty straight forward!!

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