Can You Snort Adipex?


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I snorted an Adipex while I was out last night having a cocktail with a friend. It didn't give me the speedy feeling I normally get when I take it, instead it came on much more subtly and slowly and lasted a long time. After about an hour, my jaw started clenching up and of course I got really bad dry mouth and and unpleasant taste. The drip in the back of the throat sucks if you're not used to snorting pills or anything else for that matter. Also, I only snorted half at first and it burned for a good long while, so when I was ready to snort the other half (about 45 mins after the 1st) I used my credit card and crushed it flat and made sure it was basically just powder and it was MUCH easier and I barely felt it... But the drip was worse.
I didn't really have a problem getting to sleep after about 5 hrs of staying up surfing the internet and it was cool cause I had some really vivid, trippy dreams!
I'd definitely do it again, so I'd say yes it's fine to snort Adipex.
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I guess you could; but, why wud you want to.....okay to get a faster rush.....well, try it.

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