Can You Eat Cottage Cheese On The HCG Diet And How Much?


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Yes you can eat cottage cheese on the HCG diet. But it is a cautionary food and should only be used every few days to once a week. You can substitute 100 grams of cottage cheese for your protein for that specific meal.
Happy munching!!
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If you go to the HCG website you can learn a lot about this diet, and on the same page you will also see links to an email address where you can check this question if you don't find the answer. There is also a link to the user's forum, and you should find someone there who has the answer. But anyway, remember all diets work in the same way - eat a bit less, exercise a bit more and you will lose weight.
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Dr. Simeons allowed fat free cottage cheese only for vegetarians on the HCG diet.

So you'll still lose weight...The thing is, you shouldn't eat the cottage cheese if you want to follow the protocol as closely as you possibly can.

If you're fine with eating the meat, just save the cottage cheese for after the diet, or worst case if you get some crazy cottage cheese craving and the options are blow the diet or just go with it...but best not to think about that.

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