Can I eat carrots on the hcg diet?


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Melinda Desk Profile
Melinda Desk answered
Yes, you can eat carrots during your HCG diet. You can even have more than 2 veggies in your salad for lunch and dinner.
Christy Muller Profile
Christy Muller answered

The people who said "yes" you can eat carrots seem to have answered without understanding how this diet works.

In phase 1 which is 2 days, yes...however...

Carrots are starchy veggies.. So you need to really watch your consumption of them during HCG Phase 2 and HCG Phase 3!  You can probably get away with eating them, but in moderation only...

On any other diet, sure, carrots are fine, but if you're adhering to this diet, watch how many you eat, or better yet, don't take in any carrots at all.

tutu song Profile
tutu song answered
Yes, you can eat carrots on the HCG diet.
jose estrada Profile
jose estrada answered
Yes. Carrots are a really healthy source for dieting. Carrots juice can not be the best of flavors but they give you a lot of energy in the morning.

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