Why Do Pregnant Women Need More Iron?


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The iron required by a pregnant woman is about twice what she would normally need to take in as part of her diet to remain healthy. Iron is needed in her body to support the physiological changes there and to support the needs of the growing embryo and placenta.

A pregnant woman's blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy and she needs to manufacture a huge number of extra red blood cells. If a pregnant woman does not take in enough iron ~ the recommended level is about 27 milligrams per day ~ she can risk premature delivery and a baby with a low birth weight.

In the developed world, pregnant women are carefully monitored throughout pregnancy and any signs of iron deficiency or anaemia are noted and treated with iron supplements. In general, women in the lower income bracket in all countries are more susceptible to iron deficiency generally, but particularly at risk during pregnancy.
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Pregnant woman have a particular need for iron. Iron helps prevent anemia in the mother. It also helps the developing fetus build its own blood supply. In addition, extra iron is stored in he baby's liver to be used for several months after birth, during the period when the baby's diet lacks iron.
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Folic acid is needed in extra for the development of neural tubes of fetus and to prevent any neural tube defect. Increased calcium and iron demand is there in pregnancy for the proper growth of the fetus and so that the pregnant woman doesn't suffer from any anemia in pregnancy. Calcium is required for the bone formation of fetus. So there is increased demand in pregnancy.

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