Why Should Pregnant Women Not Smoke?


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Women who are pregnant should not smoke because it is widely recognised that smoking is harmful to the baby. When a person smokes some of the oxygen in the blood is replaced by carbon monoxide poison. This can cause the baby's heart rate to rise, because the baby is struggling to get enough oxygen.
Research now proves that if a pregnant women smokes, she is more likely to have a premature baby or a baby which has a very low birth weight.
Babies born to mothers who smoked in pregnancy can also have smaller organs or poor lung functions. This is due to the large number of toxins which tobacco smoke contains. In addition, they may get ill more often than other babies or suffer with asthma or bronchitis.
It is also thought that passive smoking may be harmful to a foetus, but not to the same extent as if the mother smokes during pregnancy.
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Women who are smoking during a pregnancy may have have a chane of there baby being premature n have small organs,poor lung functions,asthma or even bronchitis so women who are smoking could be killing the unborn child within them....then that will be prosecuted n have a charge of neglect to child and second degree murder
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No one should smoke, but for pregnant women the toxins and poisons in the smoke get into your blood stream and then into the baby. The baby gets all the bad effects and has no say in it
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Because the baby could die
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Well, smoke is very bad.

Especially if you are pregnant. It can harm the baby or make the baby sick.

It can even harm YOU, not only the baby.

Smoking is bad, you shouldnt do it and it harms everyone when they are over 50.

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