My Unborn Child Has One Kidney Smaller Than The Other. We Have To Go To A Another Office To Have An Ultrasound Taken, For A Second Opinion. I'm Terrified, What Does This Mean?


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Do not worry about having to go to another ultrasound. If the first test has shown that your unborn child has a kidney abnormality (which itself is very common) then the normal procedure is to have a second ultrasound. This more in-depth reading can then help the doctors detect if anything has changed, or to see if the abnormality has in fact corrected itself. They will just want to check that the condition is nothing more serious, which is unlikely. Ultrasounds have been carried out on millions of babies for over 30 years with no side effects, so there should be no concern about harming your child with a second test.

If your baby is born with one kidney smaller than the other, it is still not something you should be too worried about as there is time for the child’s organs to develop to an even, normal size. There are many babies that are born with odd-sized kidneys, some are only born with one and some have three. When a baby is born with one kidney that’s different in size to the other, in most cases the larger kidney will grow even bigger to compensate for the smaller one, resulting in everything balancing out. Having one big kidney can be just as effective as two smaller ones. If the situation does result in the child only having one working kidney, then the body will still function with no problems. Some people go for years of their life without knowing they only have one properly functioning kidney.

Having a second ultrasound is nothing to worry about; the doctor is just being thorough with his examinations. Disproportionate kidneys are more common than you think; in fact they are the most frequently found abnormalities in early ultrasounds.
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I have the same problem with my unborn child. I have researched it and it is completely normal and can grow to the same size before birth

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