Can A Baby Form In Your Ovary, Or Fallopian Tubes?


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Baby does not form in the ovaries. In the ovaries only egg is produced which travel to fallopian tube after ovulation. Sperms also travel to fallopian tubes after ejaculation during sex. Both egg and sperm can combine together in fallopian tube in a process called fertilization. After the fertilization, fertilized egg travel towards the uterus where implantation takes place. So, foundation of the baby is laid in the fallopian tubes while growth occurs in uterus.
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Stacie Keeping my Faith In God
Yes you can get pregnant in your ovaries. My first pregnancy the baby was in my right ovary and I had to have emergency surgery. I was heart broken. Second pregnancy was in left tube and had another emergency surgery. Both left me devastated. What has helped me through this is God's Love and keeping my faith in him although doctors tell me and my husband we can not have a baby natural I still keep my FAITH in GOD hope that I was able to help God Bless you all

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