Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Had Chemo For Ovarian Cancer? In General Is It Possible To Get Pregnant If You Have/had Ovarian Cancer? Can You Take Birth Control If You Have Ovarian Cancer?


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I can tell you that not only can you GET pregnant after having ovarian cancer and chemo (even if you've had your ovary removed) but you can have chemo WHILE pregnant if it is discovered you have ovarian cancer. How do I know this? Because when I was 19, I got pregnant and found out at 18 weeks that I had a germ cell tumor on my ovary. I had my ovary removed, while pregnant and chemotherapy as well. My baby came out small, but otherwise excellent. I have also gone on to have another baby 7 years later. So, this is all possible.
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If you have got chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, there are very poor chances of pregnancy as chemotherapy destroy all follicles in the ovary. You can not take hormonal birth control if you have ovarian cancer, because it contain synthetic estrogen which can cause many problems

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