How Teenage Pregnancy Affects The Teen And Her Life?


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Teenage Pregnancy affects the teen life very seriously. There are number of problems and sufferings associated with it. Teen who is in school or college find it very difficult to complete her education. Then there is a question mark on support from your parents or even your partner. This is the time when you are not fully prepared to cater your child as you have to complete your education along with it you have to earn for yourself and the baby if you don't want abortion. Every pregnant teen will freak out finding out about the pregnancy, most of those
cases lead to teen depression. In the end the best defense is offense, so preventing something like
teen pregnancy from happening is the best course of action.
So, being informed is more than necessary.
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If they don't finish school and are unmarried, it affects their whole future, financially, emotionally, they missed their childhood and could be resentful, they aren't financially or emotionally responsible to have a baby. They need a lot of support and many grow up on welfare the rest of their lives.
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Wow you can't go out and party no more lolz I have two kids and I have to b a mom I can't act like a teen no more because ma kids come first...

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