How Does Cocaine Consumption During Pregnancy Affect The Baby?


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Cocaine consumption by a pregnant woman could have disastrous consequences for the mother and the child. There is an increased probability that there will be a premature delivery or a miscarriage. The baby could be born underweight.

The effects of cocaine are also felt on the placenta because there is a chance that the placenta will begin to detach itself from the uterus before the baby is born, this will cause heavy bleeding endangering the lives of the mother and the child. The head of the child can be smaller; this could be an indication that the brain is smaller. Autism and cerebral palsy are very real threat to the unborn child. There are chances that the baby could have a stroke or a heart attack. There is on-going research that is verifying linkages between cocaine consumption at the time of pregnancy and sudden infant death syndrome. Other organs of the child could have defects. Congenital defects are extremely difficult to roll back.
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If I think I'm pregnant and I have been taking cocaine will the pregnancy test be affected the next morning

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