Thesis Statement on teenage pregnancy effects?


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Or the girl feels like no one loves her but this boy an she believes he will stay with her forever and then he ask her for sex and shes scared he will leave her if she doesnt do it then she says yes but instead of asking to use protection she doesnt ask bc shes afraid it will embarrass him and they go all the way and it ends up she gets prego and now her future is altered forever and job choices are postponed  until the child grows up and can take care of itself and she will most likely drop out of school and her love of her life might realize that he doesnt love her as much as he thought and will leave her sad but true

but if your talking about a thesis statement for a school paper maybe this will help if I'm not too late
"teen pregancy is a thing that ultimately alters a teens future forever with posotive and negative side effects."
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For example let just say that this girl had five brother and five sister and her mom works 3 jobs 2 put food on the table and buy them clothes and give them a little money on the side. Just say that she feels like she is not love so she find a boy and have a baby now the mom have 13 people to feed because the baby father does not want to help out so it effect the whole family. You can't sleep at night and you think. I hope this helps good luck!

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