Can A Pregnancy Test At The Doctors Office Be Wrong?


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I have taken 4 first response pregnancy test in the last 2 days and ALL of them have comme back positive but went 2 the doctors yesterday and he did urine test but was negative....had a blood test today so will wait 4 results....I am VERY confused can anyone help me  :)
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Yes, a pregnancy test can be wrong at doctor's office. No period is a sign of pregnancy but it is not a surety. It can also be an irregular period. Visit the following link for more details.
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I had unprotected sex on the 29th of June and my last menstrual period started on the 11th of june and my cycle is every 33 days. Had a pregnancy test at the doctors on the 10th of July and it came back negative. I took a home pregnancy test and that also came back negative My period was supposed to come on the 14th of July. Now a week late I don't know what to think. Can I possibly be going through the change of life at the age of 36?

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