Can Home Pregnancy Tests Be Wrong?


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Hey Reeka09...home pregnancy tests can be wrong! My sister once got three wrong results from the home test and she had followed every bit of instruction in the package..she had bought three test kits and they gave a negative result and she only learnt she was pregnant after consulting the be careful!!!
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There are some instances of false positives in the tests that make a + sign, due to dye bleeding. 

There are plenty of false negatives, often related to testing early The amount of HcG in a pregnant woman's urine about doubles every day.  The amount starts out very low, and after a couple of weeks there is enough of it to be detectable by home pregnancy tests. That's why the instructions on the box recommend waiting two weeks to test, or until you would normally expect your period.  Some tests are more sensitive than others, so on a very sensitive test, a woman might get a positive even if it has not yet been two weeks, but on a less sensitive test she might get a negative. Since HcG levels continue to rise, if you get a negative result but suspect you might be pregnant, test again in a few days when HcG levels will have risen higher.

Also check out for recommendations of more sensitiv tests, HPT experiments, a thorough explanation of false positives, and more neat stuff. I used her site to choose a test brand for myself and I'm glad I did!

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There is always a possibility that a home pregnancy test will give inaccurate results. Have a look at this website: This should give you plenty of information on how accurate home pregnancy tests are. Hope this helps.
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They can be, especially if you have taken it too early. They recommend you take a home pregnancy test a few weeks after you are already late for your period.
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home pregnancy test can be wrong.
but too be positive
goo too the doctors
just be sure...

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