How To Start A Thesis Statements On Teen Pregnancy?


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You could perhaps talk about how this can have an effect on society at large. Given that teen pregnancy is such a huge issue at the moment, talking about how it has an effect on society is a great way to introduce your thesis on this controversial and indeed prominent matter.

You need to start by creating the title page, the title, the subtitle, and of course putting your name and the institution's name on the front of the paper. You need to also put the date of delivery and the faculty advisor's name. You then need to create your abstract. This should state the reason why you are writing and presenting the paper, and should only be one sentence long. You need to summarize the main points of the paper too, and this needs to be between one and two paragraphs long. Don't make it too long as you will be able to go into depth in the actual thesis. 

You'll then need to incorporate your table of contents. This needs to have a list of page numbers for everything within the paper, including tings like appendices and the list of figures. All your subheadings should be indented, as well. Then you need to continue with your list of tables, figures and then you need to include page numbers.

You can now start your introduction, which we have already said should include how teenage pregnancy has an effect on society. You need an interesting statement that hooks the media immediately, and the following paragraphs need to cite other works that pertain to the subject you're talking about.

For any further assistance you only need to go and talk to your tutor. They will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to preparing your thesis. It's an integral part of your study and your teacher will not see you disadvantaged during your time writing it.

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