Norethisterone, How Long Does It Take To Work?


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This depends upon what it is being used to treat. Norethisterone is typically used to treat problem periods and breast cancer so there is a vast difference in how it will work.

  • Hormones

This medication is a synthetic progesterone, which is a hormone. If it is being taken to treat problem periods, you should be able to see a difference in the first period that occurs after treatment has begun.

If it is been taken because of breast cancer there are too many variable that can be taken into account for that question to be answered here. Instead, anyone taking Norethisterone should talk to their oncologist if they have any questions about their treatment and its effects.

Although this is a hormonal medication that can have an influence upon periods it should be noted that it is not a contraceptive.

However, simply because it is a hormone, if anyone has been prescribed this drug and is pregnant, breast feeding, or wanting to become pregnant, they should inform the doctor of this.

  • Warnings

Anybody taking Norethisterone should be aware of a few of the thing s that need to be looked out for, and dealt with immediately should they occur.

For example, if a migraine occurs for the first time ever, or really bad headaches are suffered more regularly than usual, the medication should be stopped straight away, and a doctor consulted.

Norethisterone should also be stopped if there are any changes to hearing, eyesight, taste, speech, or to the sense of touch.

A doctor should be consulted urgently if there is any leg swelling, problems with breathing or chest pains after taking this medication.

There are other warnings and contraindications with this product, so anyone who is

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