How Old Is Too Old To Learn The Splits?


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I say the skies the limit! I am 28 yrs. Young and just did an hour of ashtanga yoga, no splits by any means! (ouch) but it requires a lot of flexibility, and practice. Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice. Practice makes perfect and with the split too, practice makes perfect!
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It hurts just thinking about it. I would say age 21 and up is too late.
Age 20 you can stretch a plenty. Age 22 is too late you'll break in 2.
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Yeah, that's what happened to me. The year was 1911 and I had just turned 22. I remember it well.
I've been broke ever since.
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When you find that you can not get down and back up with great ease like you use to do, it is time to give it up, because you need skill to do the split in the first place, and if you never learned , leave it to those that know how and you stand on the side lines and cheer them on......the best to you
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Too old is after you turn 21! I mean can you imagine a 70 year onld in an aerobics class? *uhuhuh* I shudder just thinking about it!

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