How Long Does It Take To Succeed Doing The Splits?


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If you have determination and patience, your splits will come in time. Just don't give up because it seems hard or painful or impossible. And one tip is, if you want 180, don't aim for 180. When youre almost there, start putting your front ankle on something thin because if you just keep on forcing yourself onto the ground youd never do a comfortable 180 split.
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If you feel you are not the right body type for ballet, maybe another form of dance might be more suitable for you. You are getting a late start in life for this method of dance. Ballet classes are taken very early (3 or 4  sometimes) in a childs life. This is not to say you can't do it, it will take a lot of practice and determination, good luck and much success.
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Well I did gymnastics for quite awhile, and it take awhile just to get one split done, I am right handed and footed so I got my right splits first, you have to get as far as you can in them and hold it, I recommend watching tv while doing them, to distract your mind once you have them hold your leg up on a mat so you don't loose them and keep doing that. I've been out of gymnastics now for 3 and a half year and tried my splits again and you it hurts a little but I can still do it. Oh and one last thing hold your arms up or have someone hold them up so you get farther down. Hope I helped :)
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Well to do the splits (the center splits) you could try facing the barre (at your ballet class) and face it then put one leg on the barre while keeping your hips squared off then you can slowly move the leg thats on the barre away from you and your body would slowly move with it but make sure your foot thats on the ground doesn't move and so it looks like your going into the splits but in a slanted way...
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Ballet is a very good exercise and fun to do and it enhances your posture and flexibility with the passage of time.  In order to improve your splits, it is very important to stretch daily. You need to make sure that you stretch 15 mins before your session and for 5 mins after you're done with the session. You should do your own stretching exercises but have to repeat them twice each session. That would help you in improving your splits. And as far as the physical appearance is concerned, you don't need to worry about that because you're at an age where your body muscles are still quite flexible and you can gain poise, improve your posture and work on other aspects. I also want you to know that the physical imperfections can be overcome with talent and practice and you can even make it as a professional someday if you work hard enough and believe in yourself and your talent. Good luck !!

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Two months MAX
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I need to do this in 4 weeks is that possible I'm 16 and this is for my taekwondo class I am about 2 feet away from touching ground and I don't care about the pain but I need to learn this and will it be permanent at my age I want it to be permanent.  Plus will this make my body more flexible and I have pain near my thighs when I do it is that normal pls answer thank you.
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Well it takes just under a month and all you need to do is do lots of lunges and then slide into the splits it will be for permanent aswell
about the pain in your thighs: It is very normal I had the same prob when I couldnt do them hope this helps good luck tell me when you have done them
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It all depends on your age, how well you are already flexible, and how hard you are willing to work. Start now, maybe it won't take very long! Hope this helps!! :)
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2 days . Are you seriously asking that !?! It takes however long it takes. Its different for different people, you can just put a time on it !

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