What Happens When You Snort Buspar?


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It's not an anti-depressant , actually.
It's an anxiolytic and if you haven't tried it, your answer is irrelevant.

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Well Buspar is Buspirone which is a anti depresent, they usually can take up to 2-6 weeks to start to work for things like anxiety, GAD, depression.

Nothing will happen except it wipp probably burn your nose, maybe eat a whole through your nose if you do it enough, can make you feel sick, or maybe overdose if you do to much. There is no point in snorting any anti depressent as you will not get any hogh/good feelings out of them, they are made to work over time not all at once, I would think you would feel sick if anything as sniffing something goes straight to the brain,
For example I shot up a antidepressent a long time ago thinking it was a opiate(or pain killer) the person changed what was in the pill and I blacked out had extreme anxiety for hours to the point of shaking and not being able to stop, heart palps and all kinds of weird feelings and was one of the worst feelings of my life, I even went to the hospital it made me feel so bad and I am not a hospital type. Sniffing is like shooting as it goes straight to the brain.

At least you are probably looking at a burning/very plugged up nose to what I explained above, you shouldn't sniff anything and if you do it should be something that you can actually sniff to get a good effect, no anti depressant will give you good effects sniffing them trust me...

Antidepressants are not going to give you a high effect if that is what you looking for.... They are not like pain killers, opiates or anything like that.  

They are Crap...... Unless used how they are susposed to be used, plus some of them can have some very nasty side effects just by mouth never mind nose straight to the brain....

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