Why Is Stretching Good For You?


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Stretching, particularly just before and just after exercising is of enormous benefit to the body because it helps to increase flexibility and to make muscles strong.
If we can increase our flexibility this means that we can have a wider range of comfortable movements. The more we can move comfortably then the less likely we are to injure ourselves when lifting heavy objects or exercising.
Stretching can also help release muscular tension, so we are less likely to feel sore or stiff and feel relaxed at tension being released from the body.
It also gives us the ability to lift more, jump higher and bend more because well stretched muscles actually have greater power when they contract. Hence why stretching is of particular benefit before exercise.
Stretching will tone up muscles and trim the body, but for a full health regime, it is important to include aerobic exercise which helps keep the heart muscle exercised.

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