Why Is It Important To Stretch Before Exercise?


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Stretching helps to improve posture and elongate the back. It also increases fluidity and grace of movement. That's why stretching is practiced religiously by dancers.

There are more than 400 muscles at work when you move your body. Muscles can be affected by age, injury, repetitive movements and other stresses. Stretching helps to keep them in top condition and prevents strain. It's important that you are stretching in the proper way. Abrupt, violent movements can tear the muscles. Controlled, gradual stretching is easier on the body and contributes to relaxation.

Some helpful aids to stretching are attention to breathing and the contract/relax method. Slow, rhythmic breathing helps to relax the body and release tension. It is also helpful to do repetitions of contracting muscles for 10 seconds and relaxing for 20 seconds. This way, your muscles will gradually stretch and become stronger.
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Stretching makes your body more flexible. It prepares your body for exercise. It also help to raise the temperature of your body as well as your muscles to prevent from injuries.

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